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Seeing is Believing

Here’s what our customers are saying about how our innovative and industry-leading technology improves their productivity, increases order speed and accuracy, easily scales, and delivers a powerful strategic differentiator for their business and for their customers.

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How It Works

Adding our autonomous robot solution to your eCommerce warehouse in as little as 4 – 6 weeks. Here’s what it takes, and here’s what you’ll get!


DHL Performance

DHL increased productivity over 2X, and ensured 100% order accuracy for their customers.

Our site is shipping medical implants for next day surgeries. That means that we have to hit a home run every day.


DHL Business Use Case

DHL reduced cycle time by 50% and improved productivity by 200%.

“We’re able to manage the business much closer and in detail. This innovation has helped us be the change.”


GEODIS Performance

Geodis doubled productivity, increased order accuracy, and increased worker satisfaction.

“Locus said we would hit 2X our productivity measurements, and we are seeing that. They’re delivering on what they said”


GEODIS Business Use Case

Locus delivers a 2X productivity improvement, seamless scalability, and fast ROI, letting GEODIS deliver for their customers.

“Their functionality, their software, was far superior to their competitors. These robots work BETTER than advertised.”


Barrett Distribution Performance

LocusBots enabled Barrett to ship a record number of orders faster and more accurately with a lower head count than last year.

“It has essentially doubled the productivity of each of our pickers.”


Barrett Distribution Business Use Case

Quick and easy integration and deployment, along with Locus’s flexibility helps Barrett exceed customer expectations.

“The ability to leverage the WMS, the way it’s designed to work has been really incredible. The integration has been very flexible.”

JDA WMS Integration – Business Use Case

JDA Connect and LocusEmpower help DHL transform its productivity with simple integration and seamless connectivity.

“We were surprised how smooth the implementation was. Also how flexible and scalable it is as well. “



RILA 2018 and GEODIS Announcement

At RILA 2018, GEODIS announces “staggering” results and DHL reports “drastic productivity increases” after launching the Locus system.

“Our customers are seeing real results – today. They’re doubling their productivity, they’re reducing their operating expenses.”


Locus Robotics Warehouse Automation Domain Expertise

Our extensive warehouse heritage and in-depth, first-hand experience with the development and evolution of warehouse automation inspired us to engineer the industry’s leading autonomous mobile robot.

Time Lapse: Autonomous Robots in an eCommerce Warehouse

REAL Warehouse Productivity in Action; Autonomous mobile robots easily meet the growing demands for e-commerce order delivery speed and accuracy.

“We went live for this customer one week before the Cyber rush and have since picked over 265,000 units using the robots. Effortlessly.”

Locus demonstrates LRAN at PROMAT 2017

Our LRAN software lets LocusBots automatically learn the most efficient travel routes through your warehouse, dramatically improving worker efficiency and productivity 2x to 3x over traditional cart picking.

“Our zone-based system allows for faster order picking while virtually eliminating errors.”

Locus Robotics at PROMAT 2017

Here is a quick review the excitement that Locus Robotics delivered at PROMAT2017.  Join us at MODEX 2018 and see things in person at our Working Warehouse – Booth #B4277

Locus Robotics Warehouse Automation Domain Expertise

We were warehouse people who became early adopters of robotics technology to improve warehouse productivity. We quickly discovered what robots are capable of doing – and what they can’t do. It’s what inspired us to engineer something better: the LocusBot.