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How It Works

Think outside the cart

Locus’s multi-bot pick system delivers higher productivity, lower labor costs, and easily scales to meet your demand

Our innovative, multi-bot picking system significantly improves your e-commerce fulfillment productivity. Workers are no longer limited to archaic cart-based systems that slow down productivity and increase cycle times. You’ll process more orders faster, using less labor, and with near-perfect accuracy compared to traditional cart-based and follow-bot picking systems.

More time picking, less time walking

The Locus solution not only minimizes time spent walking around the warehouse, it lets workers focus on what they do best – picking. LocusBots work collaboratively and safely alongside your associates making their jobs easier and more productive. Workers pick more orders, faster than cart-based systems because they’re no longer tied to an entire order.

Easy integration, quick deployment, and easy scaling

Locus gives you the flexibility to easily meet peak period demands and volume increases almost immediately; simply add more LocusBots. And, Locus integrates with virtually every warehouse management system such as JDA, Manhattan, HighJump, as well as proprietary systems, deploying quickly, and scaling easily as your needs grow.

Increase worker productivity and order accuracy

Increase worker productivity and order accuracy

LocusEmpower multi-bot picking system dramatically improves worker throughput 2x to 3x, enabling dramatically higher pick rates with less labor in the same footprint. Workers are able to deliver higher productivity with significantly improved order accuracy

LocusEmpower facilitates task interleaving so your workers may seamlessly alternate between picking and re-stocking, helping improve the overall efficiency of your operation.

Improve productivity

Faster picking, lower costs, and higher worker satisfaction

Faster picking, lower costs, and higher worker satisfaction

LocusBots work collaboratively and safely alongside your associates, helping to quickly locate the pick items for improved throughput. Workers spend more time on task and less time walking around the warehouse.

Since LocusBots transport the items, workers don’t have to push carts or carry bins. They become more productive and less fatigued. That translates to lower labor costs and higher employee morale.


Enhance throughput

Easy integration with your WMS system

Easy integration with your WMS system

LocusEmpower integrates with virtually any warehouse management or warehouse control system.

The LocusServer’s turnkey, lightweight software is designed to easily connect with your existing WMS system, infrastructure, and workflow without disrupting your operation.

Easy integration

Powerful, flexible, scalable

Powerful, flexible, scalable

LocusEmpower scales to meet your operational growth, letting you easily manage peak periods and volume increases without the need for major capital expenditures or infrastructure changes.

Whether you’re handling growing e-commerce volume, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or responding to a sudden spike in customer orders, LocusEmpower scales as your needs grow without adding expensive capital investment. Simply add more LocusBots.

Flexible and scalable

Rapid deployment, zero disruption, rapid ROI.

Rapid deployment, zero disruption, rapid ROI.

LocusEmpower deploys easily within your existing warehouse infrastructure, without disrupting, slowing, or idling your operations.

Our proven, adaptable, and highly flexible solution means you can be up and running in days, not months. Most warehouses realize an ROI within 18 – 24 months.

Rapid deployment

Designed by warehouse people for warehouse people.

Designed by warehouse people for warehouse people.

We’re warehouse experts with a long heritage of e-commerce fulfillment operations.

We also have some serious, first-hand experience with robotics and automation. We understand your challenges because we’ve been there.

We get it. Let us tell you more.

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