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LocusEmpower Customer Success

Ensuring world-class customer service and support

We’re passionate about LocusEmpower.

We’re even more passionate about making sure that LocusEmpower exceeds both your strategic and operational goals .

Our world-class customer service and support team works closely with you every step of the way, from the initial planning and deployment to ongoing operations and updates. No matter how fast you grow or how complicated your business gets, we will always be there to keep LocusEmpower working smoothly and efficiently.

Planning & Deployment

We know every customer has different needs and goals. That’s why we work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your facility, challenges, and goals. We will then create a custom, detailed project implementation and site preparation plan that is designed to reach your objectives.

As we deploy, we will continually test and evaluate everything, measuring results against your baseline metrics, performance goal and safety considerations. We will train your team to be effective and self-sufficient in using the LocusEmpower solution. And our online knowledgebase delivers resources for the LocusBot operations and maintenance that’s accessible at any time.

Operations & Support

Once you are up and running, our dedicated team stays with you to measure, optimize, and keep the system running smoothly. You’ll get real-time data reporting on your operations with our LocusView dashboard. We’ll also ensure that you always have the latest updates, tools, and resources to keep your operations running smoothly and worry-free.

From software upgrades and hardware maintenance to answering questions and optimizgin your operations, you’ll get professional, personalized support whenever you need it. It’s how LocusEmpower ensures your success!