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Easy WMS integration with infinite scalability

LocusServer™ makes it easy to integrate with your warehouse management or warehouse control system.


Using available APIs and simple, custom integrations, LocusServer seamlessly connects to all WMS systems such as Manhattan, JDA, High Jump, and UPP.

LocusServer links directly to each LocusBot via a secure wi-fi link, instantly transmitting complete warehouse inventory status and item locations, and coordinating efficient travel paths for each LocusBot to dramatically speed and maximize productivity and throughput.

The entire system is infinitely scalable, letting you easily respond to peak periods and volume increases by simply adding more LocusBots.  LocusServer receives orders directly from your WMS and, once completed, instantly transmitting confirmations and performance data back to the system in real-time.

LocusServer compiles up-to-date performance and optimization information of what’s happening in the warehouse, instantly sharing it with all newly-deployed robots, ensuring consistency, improving pick rates, and order accuracy.

LocusView™ – Real-time performance reporting

LocusView™ – Real-time performance reporting

LocusView™ integrates seamlessly with your WMS system to deliver insightful, real-time reporting and metrics to help keep you on top of your operation’s performance.

Track UPH, PPH, robot productivity, worker productivity, and more, with detailed daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

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