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Our robots are Hotdog-powered!

At Locus, our robots run on a popular robotics middleware known as the Robot Operating System, or ROS. ROS is an open-source project with a vibrant, ever-expanding community that spans industry and academia across the globe. One of the common themes I used to hear in my previous life as a defense contractor was that… Read more »

There’s No More “I” in ROI

This was a statement I made in a recent presentation at a JDA user conference in front of about 2,600 people. It’s also what I tell our prospective Locus Robotics customers. So why in the world would the CEO of Locus Robotics make such a crazy statement? First, let’s look at the definition of ROI.… Read more »

Material Handling Systems Don’t Change and Improve Over Time – Until Now!

LocusEmpower, a robotic, task-based execution system, has the fantastic ability to extend and improve its capabilities with no operator intervention. It goes without saying that at Locus Robotics, we love technology. Especially robots. You need not look any further than our in-house robot museum and the many spaces filled with robots, images of robots, along… Read more »