Try Locus Robotics in your Warehouse with our SPARK Pilot

Spark Pilot Program

The low-risk, easy way to try the LocusEmpower solution

The Locus Spark Pilot Program™ is the low risk, easy way to try the LocusEmpower™ solution in your own facility, using your own set of operational requirements. Discover, first-hand, how Locus Robotics technology can work for you – without having to reconfigure your warehouse or interrupt your current operations.
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The LocusEmpower™ solution includes 5 LocusBots™, the custom-configured LocusServer™, wi-fi, and everything you need to see how LocusEmpower can transform your warehouse automation operations.

Zero disruption, zero risk, and a fast ROI

Integrating the Locus Spark Pilot Program won’t disrupt your existing operations and you won’t risk having any downtime.

LocusEmpower™ connects seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and operations. You can even continue to use your existing pick system simultaneously to compare results. You’ll quickly see how Locus gives you a quantifiable ROI.

Easy WMS integration and quick deployment

LocusServer™ easily integrates with all warehouse management systems. We engineered everything to be easy to set up, configure, and deploy, right out of the box. We take care of setup and configuration to ensure that you’re up and running in as little as 45 days!

We work closely with your Warehouse Management and IT teams to align with your existing warehouse process, workflow, and workplace environment for a smooth and successful deployment.

Easily expand and scale when you’re ready

Once your pilot program is complete, you can easily expand into production. Your LocusServer™ is infinitely scalable, instantly sharing inventory, stock location, and optimal travel route information with new robots. There’s no additional configuration or setup needed since every LocusBot™ shares the same information. Simply add more robots to grow in scope and capacity.

In-depth training and support

You’ll also get our experienced strategic guidance and best practices, along with in-depth training and support. LocusEmpower gives you detailed performance reporting to compliment your WMS reporting and to help you effectively measure and manage your pilot program.

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