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Will Trump hit the pause button on progress?

“By definition, if you improve workers’ productivity, you’re affecting the labor base,” says Bruce Welty, chairman of Locus Robotics, a Wilmington startup that builds robots to transport items in warehouses. “We could get to full employment if we just got rid of all the bulldozers and backhoes, but I’m not sure we want to do… Read more »


These Are The Robots Who Are Fulfilling Your Christmas Orders

“We decided that with our robot solution you’d make it so you didn’t have to disrupt anything at all,” Locus founder and chairman Bruce Welty says. “All you have to do is put this little sticker—we call it a locus point—basically a barcode you want anywhere you want the robot to be able to navigate.”


Logistics Robots From Locus Roll Out Amid Holiday Rush

“Because of changes in the supply chain due to e-commerce and the need to ship massive amounts of single items in large quantities, we expect labor shortages to continue, and there is a huge demand for robots,” said Bruce Welty, chairman of Quiet Logistics Inc. and Locus Robotics Corp.


5 Things You Should Know About Bruce Welty

Bruce Welty never wanted to build robots; made him do it. Starting in the 1970s, Welty, 60, specialized in software for managing warehouses. In 2009, he shifted gears and founded Quiet Logistics, a company that used robots from Kiva Systems of North Reading to dramatically reduce warehouse operating costs. But three years later, retailing… Read more »

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Logistics Robots: The Way You Move

“Locus is unique in that it works with and complements existing warehouse infrastructure. This dramatically reduces the overall investment required to deploy our solution.”


The Future of Robot Labor is Unfolding in Shipping Warehouses

The Locus bot tells a worker exactly where an item is, and all they have to do is give it to them. It then knows to bring it back to another area for packaging. The best part is that they are able to see and avoid people and other objects in their way.

Business Insider

Robots Are Invading Big Box Stores and Want to Help You Shop

Robots are taking over stores and warehouses. They’ll greet you at the hardware store, and help you find a nail. Or they’ll grab your goods off the shelf at a distribution center and perhaps put it on a drone to your door.


How Amazon Triggered a Robot Arms Race

“Warehouses are very high tech places,” said Bruce Welty, co-founder and chairman of Locus Robotics, a firm that’s developed bots to work alongside, rather than replace, human workers. “Because the only way you can take costs out is automation.”

60 Minutes

Locus Featured on 60 Minutes Australia

“Industries centered on repetitive tasks are already being transformed.” This clip offers a peek into a warehouse using Locus robots. Locus founder Bruce Welty talks about how the robots work side by side with workers and explores the questions that arise in an era of such technological progress.

2016 MassTLC Awards Finalist

Locus Named Finalist in 2016 MassTLC Awards

This award recognizes an innovative technology that has had a significant impact on the company, customer and/or market in the category of robotics, including: sensors, manipulators, and systems. Click though to learn more about MassTLC technology leadership awards.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive

The Case for Warehouse Automation

Locus Robotics offers mobile autonomous robots that can go anywhere in the warehouse. “The collaboration between robot and worker dramatically improves efficiency. The associate completes the pick faster and is thereby able to complete more pick requests. With our robots, workers are able to pick faster and more productively than with traditional manual picking.”