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Locus Robotics Announces $25 Million Series B Funding

Locus Robotics (, the award-winning provider of autonomous, mobile robots for use in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses, today announced it has secured $25 million in Series B funding led by Scale Venture Partners (, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm investing in the future of work.

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Locus Robotics Raises $25 Million in Round Led by Scale Venture Partners Locus Robotics Corp., whose robots help workers fulfill e-commerce orders, raised $25 million in a funding round led by Scale Venture Partners that the company plans to use to develop new products and expand into new markets.

A Warehouse Labor Shortage? Robots to the Rescue

Optimization logic ensures totes come close to cubing out if the LSP has product cube information. There is also optimization logic for ensuring that the bots move through the warehouse efficiently.

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Locus Robotics Announces $25 Million Series B Funding

Locus’s turnkey robotics solution enables warehouse operators to achieve more efficient e-commerce fulfillment operations, while simultaneously managing both labor costs and seasonally fluctuating order volume.

Robotic Solutions in the Supply Chain

We hear a lot in the news about robots replacing workers, how do you see the increase in robots affecting the workforce at DHL? What is the reaction from DHL workers to these new robotic co-workers?

Interview with Bruce Welty, co-founder of Locus Robotics

Given that our team has almost five years of experience working with the Kiva solution, we understand, first-hand, how robots work in the warehouse and interact with workers. Plus, our historical business automating warehouses has given us great insight into how warehouses work, so that we can address the real challenges of fulfilling millions of… Read more »

ROS Contributor Spotlight: Tom Moore

The success of ROS depends upon the contributions of thousands of individuals. In honor of our 10-year anniversary, we’ve decided to shine a light on a few of them. Tom Moore, Senior Roboticist, Locus Robotics

Material Handling & Logistics

Rise of the Warehouse Robots

These are autonomous mobile robots, called LocusBots, that work safely alongside human employees to deliver higher e-commerce and less-than-case fulfillment throughput and efficiency.

Retailers use 3PLs to chase Amazon

“We use automation and technology to scale capacity quicker and more efficiently while mitigating the challenges around labor availability, cost and flexibility…”