Locus Robotics – Robots Empowering People

Transform Your Productivity without Transforming Your Warehouse

Our turnkey robotics solution works seamlessly within your existing warehouse infrastructure.

Our robots empower your workers to pick faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy than you ever thought possible.

Right from the start, you will see a dramatic improvement in throughput, while holding your operating expenses in check – all without an onerous capital outlay.

Empower your workers. Power your warehouse. Just add robots!

Turnkey Solution

LocusEmpower™ is the powerful, intelligent, and simple solution for meeting your complex fulfillment challenges. Right from the start.

Simple Deployment

We integrate with your existing WMS for near-zero infrastructure and operations disruption. You can easily deploy in days, not weeks.

Improved Productivity

Our collaborative robots deliver a 5-8X improvement in worker productivity. More time-on-task, less walking, and more satisfied workers.

Purpose Built

LocusEmpower is built for eCommerce fulfillment. Our solution is built by warehouse people for warehouse people.

Introducing LocusEmpower™

It's more than robots. It's a turnkey solution to power your warehouse.

LocusEmpower™ is designed by warehouse people for warehouse people. Battle-tested in real, working warehouses, LocusEmpower is a purpose-built, integrated solution that produces consistent results.

Field-Tested and Operationally-Proven

  • Up to 8X improvement in worker productivity
  • Near-100% order accuracy
  • Improvements in Units per Hour (UPH) and Cost per Unit(CPU)

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Warehouse Management System

  • Deploy within days, not months
  • Near-zero infrastructure or operations disruption
  • Manageable, just-in-time capital expense

Empower Your Workers

  • Workers maximize time-on-task, reduce walking
  • Simple UI ensures higher productivity, fewer errors
  • Robots reduce physical demands to improve worker morale

IN THE NEWS: How Amazon Triggered a Robot Arms Race

"Warehouses are very high tech places," said Bruce Welty, co-founder and chairman of Locus Robotics, a firm that's developed bots to work alongside, rather than replace, human workers. "Because the only way you can take costs out is automation."